Dirty Habitat Restaurant


Dirty Habitat Restaurant


his restaurant in Washington DC has an extremely unique exterior design, sparking interest from the outset. The glass box design is constructed using structural glazing with each glass pane backpainted edges for a modern industrial look. The entrance door and glass link on the side of the structure follow the same design, presenting a completely coherent façade.

Electrochromic glass was specified for this building, to provide solar shading without disrupting the minimal appearance with external shutters or internal blind systems. Due to the plot being a national landmark, it was an obvious choice for structural glass to be used to ensure the surrounding area wasn’t altered.

The electrochromic glass is engineered to slowly change and adapt depending on the sun’s glare and the amount of solar gain the glass encounters. When the electrochromic glass is switched off, there is no trace of the tint and the building presents a clear glass design.

When the tint is present and the electric current is switched on, the building slowly changes from clear to a dark blue tint. This project utilised mirrored glass, to reflect the historic surroundings rather than detract from the surrounding areas and create a large blue building which could be seen as an eyesore.

What makes this project unique is the dramatic change when the electrochromic glass is in use, thanks to the reflective properties of the glass. The façade design goes from having a clear appearance to reflecting a dark brick building in front with traditional sash windows and a stone archway.

There is a large outdoor dining area in front of the building, where diners can sit and admire the striking building. Whilst presenting a dramatically different design, the electrochromic glass controls the solar gain for the people dining inside.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing, Glass Facades
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Switzerland

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