Dog and Badger



Dog and Badger


recent renovation project in Marlow saw the transformations of the Dog and Badger public house into a high-end, contemporary bar and restaurant. Many of the charming original features in this grade II listed building remain but it has been extended adding a contemporary design to provide a lighter, more open space.

A single glass lobby was added as an open entrance to Dog and Badgers restaurant. The frameless glazing enables the natural light to maximise the light throughout providing the listed free house with the required additional space.

Structural glazing was used to create the glass lobby using a silicone seal for a frameless finish. Adding an extension to a listed property can prove challenging with numerous of requirements to meet. A common way of extending is with a glass extension, because of the joining techniques, the original building isn’t damaged. The structural glass roof enables a bright, light-filled entrance.

A solar control coating has been used to create a solar reflective surface suitable for solar shading and also offering an aspect of privacy. The vast amount of structural glazing means the space would be prone to overheating, however the solar control coating, creates a comfortable internal environment with a minimal glass design.

To continue the minimal design, frameless glazed pivot doors were installed in a double door configuration. The frameless pivot doors keep a cohesive design aesthetic. Minimal stainless steel patch fittings have been used to the head and base of a frameless glass door with a standard stainless steel handle.

“The transformation is dramatic – the design and decor are simply stunning.”

Owners of the Dog and Badger

PRODUCTS: Glass Box Extension, Technical Glass Solutions, Glass Roofs
TYPE: Leisure & hospitality
LOCATION: Henley Road, Marlow

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