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ducation First is a global language education company, founded by Bertil Hult in 1965, who provide life-changing education for international citizens. For 50 year EF has been combining language training with cultural exchange to provide a wholesome language learning experience. Hult travelled to England from Sweden in the early 60’s and discovered that learning a language seemed to be most effective when you are surrounded by the language and culture, which led him to create Europeiska Ferieskolan (European Holiday School).

Combining language learning with traveling abroad (aka ‘Language Travel’), has helped thousands of people to learn a new language including the Seoul Olympic Games volunteers in 1988. EF even collaborated with Apple to create computer-aided language learning CD’s, and later went on to create online learning tools. They now provide their services in over 55 countries and are classed as the world leaders in international education.

The main UK base for this large global education provider is located in the heart of Chelsea, London. These post-industrial London offices recently underwent a refreshing renovation to improve the internal workspaces. The project was split into four phases, while the building remained in occupation, for a full renovation of the 35,000ft² space to take place. The renovation included the removal of the existing interior to make way for a high specification fit out to form an open plan reception area, light-filled offices, a feature staircase and a bespoke café and dining area.

The renovation of Education First’s London office saw the installation of various frameless and minimally framed glazing systems, both internally and externally, for a modern architectural design. The new glazing design combined with a refreshed interior design including a feature staircase, new reception desk and new furniture throughout the offices and café provide the EF office with a sophisticated look and feel.

To the renovation of the reception area, a new entrance arrangement was installed to create a more inviting entryway into the building. To the external façade a bespoke Schueco automatic sliding entrance door was installed by IQ Projects which offered a modern look to the skin of the building. IQ Projects designed, manufactured and installed this system bespoke to the project to create a unique and modern aesthetic that advertised what to expect upon entering the building. The addition of this Schueco door enhances the rectilinear aesthetic of the post-industrial structure.

Upon entering the building through the bespoke Schueco sliding doors, students, staff and visitors then enter the foyer through bespoke single glazed sliding doors. Both of these sliding door arrangements were designed with sensors to automate the sliders for a sleek entrance design.

The internal singled glazed sliding doors were designed in three panes, the central pane fixed with two sliding panes either side to create a clear entrance and exit route in and out of the reception area. These sliding doors work beautifully well alongside the internal frameless glazing scattered throughout the interior design which allows light to flood the internal spaces.

IQ Projects worked closely with the team at Education First and Tony Fretton Architects to create this bespoke entrance design while ensuring the glazing was in keeping with the overall renovation design and installed efficiently.

PRODUCTS: Atria and Entrances
TYPE: Education
LOCATION: Chelsea Manor Street, London, SW3

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