IQ Glass Headquarters


The IQ Headquarters


he IQ Glass offices are a true representation of the company. Home to the showroom as well as the office, the space was designed to showcase some of our structural glazing systems as well as create a brightly lit working environment.

Structural glazing forms a glass box design, flooding the office with natural light and providing uninterrupted views of the showroom courtyard. Glass beams and fins were used to support the structure without detracting from the frameless glass aesthetic. All supporting glass beams and fins were specified in low iron glass to eliminate the risk of a naturally occurring green tint that is particularly prominent in exposed edges.

A structural glass roof tops the glass box, again allowing an influx of natural light into the space below and remaining in keeping with the fully glazed design. Steel beams were used on the central part of the glass roof to support the structure, illustrating another option for visitors to see. The glass roof was constructed at a slight angle, sloping away from the building, to allow water to run off the glass easily.

One pane of glass is constructed with a green coloured interlayer, to showcase just one of the coloured interlayer options. Between the panes within the glass wall, neat silicone joints provide a seamless effect.

Natural light is proven to increase productivity and wellness, therefore it was imperative for our office space to be flooded with natural light. Following a highly glazed design allows the maximum amount of natural light to be gained, whilst adding a touch of luxury.

As well as the glass box extension we have dedicated meeting rooms, each constructed using various slim framed systems. Towards the front of the building, using Shuco systems, we have created a modern industrial themed space. Using large elevations of glass and aluminium beams, the meeting space is bright and airy. Within one of the large glass panes, a floating window is installed to showcase our ability to create completely bespoke designs.

Within the main office space, a steel framed glass partition system is in place to create a dedicated meeting space. The steel system uses glazing bars for an industrial aesthetic, bringing elegance and dramatic crisp lines into the office.

There are a range of systems installed throughout the showroom to showcase the systems in action. The glass box extension, as well as bringing us light and a beautiful design, is a great tool in showcasing our capabilities. It was important for the IQ headquarters to represent the company and a highly glazed façade was perfectly suited to this.  

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Glass Boxes & Extensions, Roof GlazingStructural Glass
TYPE: Commerical
LOCATION: Amersham

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Carly Coren

Carly is an integral part of the marketing team at IQ. She studied marketing at university before putting her knowledge into practice within the glazing industry. You will find her working on social media campaigns or writing blog content for the brand.
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