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Gainsborough House

The renovation of Gainsborough House, funded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund, was a significant local project for Sudbury. This Grade I Listed building, located in the heart of Sudbury, now features an art gallery, an events space, and a community café with sliding glass doors.

One of the primary objectives of the renovation was to improve accessibility for the entire community. The exterior of the building was reconfigured with careful consideration given to preserving the local architecture and the building’s historical significance. Consequently, the renovations aimed to enhance the venue’s appeal for events and increase its potential for venue hire.

The gallery itself was a new build structure, created from locally sourced brick. Large bespoke windows from IQ were integrated into the brick façade to create strategic openings into the new building for both views and natural light into the gallery

Careful attention and collaboration was needed for the frameless windows in the brick facade. The design intent by ZMMA was to have the frameless windows flush with the exterior brick façade with a frameless design. This required a bespoke fixing detail to be created by IQ and full structural design of the glass to ensure suitability for the project.

The largest of the frameless windows in the brick was triple glazed, adding additional complication to the glass design due to the additional weight and depth of the glass unit.

Various frameless windows in the brick structure – including corner windows – were created with the same design to offer a bespoke glazing design throughout the build. All of the bespoke windows include solar control coatings for energy efficiency as well as being heat soak tested.

An integral part of the restoration project was the addition of a new orangery-style café situated within the grounds of the Grade I Listed building. The sliding glass doors of the café were an essential aspect of the design, as they offered visitors a stunning view of the 18th-century garden and provided a seamless transition between the café and the outdoor space.

To ensure a superior visitor experience, the café’s design and layout prioritized smooth movement through the sliding glass doors for all visitors. The sliding doors spanned the entire length of the room, featuring a flush threshold that allowed easy access to the gardens.

The implementation of a Sieger Lux pivot door with a pull handle creates the new entrance to the gallery. The bespoke door was fitting well into the flint and brick structure for a seamless design. The new entrance creates a seamless flow in and out of the building, whilst providing a contemporary sleek design to advance the visual aesthetic of the building

For further information about the frameless window in brick detail we used here or other commercial applications of bespoke glazing solutions please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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