Godswell Park


Godswell Park


Projects designed a fully glazed dining hall space and walkway as part of the redesign and modernisation of a private care home in Oxfordshire. The new addition to the traditional building was added to create a larger, more inviting eating area for the residents and visitors to the private care home.

Godswell Park Care Home is located within large, green grounds. The sliding glass doors from IQ Projects and the adjacent fixed structural glass to the glazed dining extension were designed with as minimal framing as possible to make the most of these beautiful views. The use of IQ’s minimally framed sliding glass doors as access to the patio allows for a flush floor finish from inside to outside, ensuring the passage is easy and wheelchair accessible.

The Godswell Park crest logo was etched into the external glass surfaces of the dining hall sliding doors and glass walls, acting as a manifestation to the floor to ceiling glass panels. The panels were decorated with a durable screen print of the Godswell Park logo, allowing light to enter through the design. The adjacent seating area was lined with IQ’s slim framed sliding doors as windows looking out onto the gardens. On warmer days nearly 50% of these sliding doors can be opened to allow fresh air into the seating area.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Technical Glass Solutions
TYPE: Health
LOCATION: Oxfordshire

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