Hazelbank Country Stores


Hazelbank Country Stores 


Projects designed and installed a shopfront glass extension to this brick-built shop building in an affluent village in surrey. The specification for this project was to complete an enticing entranceway design for the country store, create more space and update the overall appearance of the building which was originally built in the 1920s.  

The old shop front was minimal and cold, the owners then called to replace it with a modern glass extension for the shop that was useable year-round. The new glass extension to the shop provides a central and level route from the street to the interior of the country store.  

To support the sliding doors, a steel ‘goal post’ structure was installed surrounding the automated door. These steel supports were expertly hidden within the design to maintain a minimalistic finish, with the use of specialist aluminium pressings; the glass specification for this shopfront glass extension needed to be carefully considered based on the performance factors of the glazing.

By utilising frameless glass and slim framed door systems the shop owners and customers can enjoy the outdoor space while being in the comfort of sheltered space. 

Invisible until approached, the automated slim framed sliding door camouflages with the floor-to-ceiling structural glass shoptfont. The slim framed glass doors seamlessly blend in with the structural glazing due to the slim sightlines and frameless appearance. The fully automated systems used work on a sensor basis, ensuring smooth, contact-free access when approached from either side.  

“We decided to enlarge our village store and instead of a traditional shopfront, we opted to use glass. IQ were the leader in the field and after initial discussions, we agreed on a design. The build was undertaken on time and on budget and we can only say that we are delighted with the result. Moreover, our village is too and we have been nominated for a County Council design award, So happiness all round.”- The owners of Hazelbank country stores. 

Before this shopfront glass extension was installed the space was used as an outdoor seating area and an area where products would be sold, enticing customers in. Installing the glazed extension allows for more products to be shown from the outside as well as allowing for large light to infill the space, promoting comfortable environments.

Installing this shopfront glass extension has expanded the space, especially in the winter months as there is more shelter from the wind and rain than there had been previously.

Our team are on hand to discuss bespoke glazing options for your next shopfront glass extension project.


PRODUCTS: Glass Box Extension
TYPE: Retail 
LOCATION: West Sussex 

ARCHITECT: Fine Architecture

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