High specification housing for new builds. 

Hermitage Lane

High specification housing for new builds. 

Hermitage Lane

IQ installed slim framed aluminum sliding doors and aluminum casement windows to create symmetrical homes on two newly constructed homes in Hampstead, London.

To improve the amount of natural light entering the high specification housing, 4 sets of minimal windows and a number of aluminum windows were installed throughout both new constructions. In addition, glass balustrading, frameless rooflights, and floor lights with a sandblasted finish were installed. To ensure that the sunlight enters the house at all angles.

The ground floor and basement only had a few small windows that opened onto the garden.

The owners of the high specification housing now have simple access to their terrace and garden areas where they can unwind and take in the weather thanks to the installation of slim framed aluminum sliding doors.

In order to stop flooding and water damage to the building, IQ’s integrated drainage system was installed. This is a component of the flush base, which eliminates steps to create step-free access between the spaces ideal for wheelchair access or for kids running between the spaces. In order to create an indoor-outdoor living space, doors were installed onto the kitchen and living room. This enables use of both rooms for entertaining and eating. The homes’ front and back were fitted with top hung, side hung, and tilt-and-turn windows constructed with aluminum casement.

The easiest ways to let fresh air into the high specification housing are provided to the homeowners using various configurations. Slim windows with an aluminum frame have been added to modern brick buildings to create a consistent aesthetic. To provide ventilation, a thin side-hung window made of aluminum was incorporated into the bathroom’s design. The sandblasted finish on this aluminum window provides the necessary privacy while still letting as much natural light as possible into the room throughout the day.

Four manual opening rooflights and two frameless effect rooflights were added to the properties to provide more light in the upper-level rooms of the house, which were not able to have windows installed. Installation of manually operated rooflights maintains ventilation into higher-level rooms. Installing frameless effect rooflights prevents framing from obstructing the sky views. 

To let natural light into the dining and kitchen areas, four frameless effect fixed walk on floor lights were installed onto the terrace. With a sandblasted finish, these floor lamps provide privacy from the terrace above while still letting in light from the outside. An anti-slip surface is made by sandblasting the glass, preventing any potential injuries.

To create a safety barrier for those using the space, frameless glass balustrades were incorporated into the design of the terrace. By reducing the need for a frame support and using frameless structural glazing, views and lighting are not obstructed.

If your project requires award winning bespoke glazing solutions to take your build to an even higher level don’t hesitate to get in contact with IQ today. 

PRODUCTS: framed fire rated doors.

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