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Projects installed a range of architectural glazing systems to a London primary school doubling in size. The glazing products include frameless effect fire-rated glass, glass balustrades and structural glass floor-to-ceiling windows. Frameless effect fire-rated glazing was installed throughout the building to enable natural light to flow directly into the classrooms.

Frameless structural glass windows enhance the new learning and working environments with daylight whilst ensuring high fire security of the new London Primary School. Protecting vital fire escape routes is a top priority in a School, the frameless glass windows use 60/60 fire glass, referring to 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation.

Glass is an effective fire barrier due to its transparency, giving people the ability to see smoke and flames early. These specialist fire rated glazed assemblies were supplied by IQ Projects create transparent barriers in fire rated facades protecting exit ways and essential travel routes through any building. Additionally, allowing children to enjoy their day in brighter classrooms by maximising the amount of light into critical learning spaces.

The structural glass walls and glass balustrades were also integrated with fire rated framing systems to create a fire rated elevation that is contemporary and minimalist. The frameless effect fire rated glass panels are made from two or more sheets of toughened glass layered with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire.

PRODUCTS: Window Systems, Fire Rated Glazing
TYPE: Education

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