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otel Monverde in Portugal is a wine experience hotel, devoted to wine tourism. The hotel was born in the hills of the Quinta da Lixa’s grape vineyards and overlooks the rolling green hills of Telões, in the North of Portugal. The hotel was initially intended to be a large guest house for the vineyard owners’ friends who also appreciate the wine.

However, over time the project grew and established itself within the roots of the hills and became a highly renowned wine experience hotel.

Hotel Monverde reflects the ethos that the Quinta da Lixa brand possesses and has developed itself into the face of the brand, showcasing the passion for wine and the natural environment.

Quinta da Lixa is a brand that uses its passion for wine to constantly strive to discover new ways to make each sip different.

Since their launch, they have invested time and resources into the research of wine. Hotel Monverde is their chance to share their knowledge and unique flavours with wine lovers from across the world.

With the hotel being set within the heart of the vineyard guests are given an unforgettable experience that brings them closer to the wine and the landscape in which the grapes are grown and the wine is produced.

This wine hotel experience involves all the senses, from the visually stunning landscape to the smell and taste of the wine. The hotel even offers a tunnel or aroma and sensory room to bring the guests closer to the history of the wine.

Some of the guest rooms have private wine cellars to ensure that wine is always a factor within the guest’s vacation at the Monverde Hotel.

The hotel comprises 4 main buildings with footpaths connecting them together; Casa Principal, Casa Nascente, Casa Poente, and Casa do Avesso. Casa Principal was designed to house a reception area, restaurant, bar, and breakfast room.

It was constructed around a manor house that was built between 1947 and 1950. Next to Casa Principal is a spa and outdoor pool. Casa Nascente faces East and consists of 14 guest rooms.

The guest rooms are designed with a contemporary, minimalistic interior design with views of the vineyard and century-old chestnut trees outside. These trees provide scattered shade over a beautiful picnic area and an organic garden which the chef uses for the guest’s meals.

Casa Poente is West facing and consists of 16 guest rooms, one of these rooms is a large family suite. These rooms are highly desired as they were designed for maximum relaxation and capitalise of the outstanding views of the surrounding landscape.

Casa do Avesso is located in the heart of the Avesso vineyard, which was designed to enhance the wine hotel experience as the rooms for wine tasting and tourism activities are all located within this building.

The architects designed the hotel with inspiration from some existing key features of the old buildings and infrastructure on the site. Old stonework techniques were used to form the façades of the buildings which created an authentic historical vineyard aesthetic.

Corten steel was added to the external aesthetics of the building to create a natural stone to the façade. The regeneration of this space aimed to preserve the architectural history while respecting the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the site.

The Monverde Hotel project aimed to revitalise the original infrastructure which striking a respectful dialogue between contemporary architecture and rural surroundings and wine production.

super slimline sliding glass doors were installed throughout this project, especially in the guest rooms such as the Charming Room, Vineyard Experience Room, and the Wine Experience Suite.

The super slimline sliding glass were chosen due to their 20mm slim sightlines which allow beautifully uninterrupted views of the vineyard and landscape beyond.

Occasionally these sliding doors were installed in a pocket door configuration to allow guests to completely remove the barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

These large, elegant sliding doors lead onto the guest’s balconies and outdoor lounging areas. Occasionally equipped with a private swimming pool, these sliding doors provided the guests with a sophisticated transition from their guest room out onto the private patio and pool area.

Extra slimline sliding glass doors were installed alongside various glazing systems that worked beautifully together to provide outstanding levels of natural light into all the buildings at Hotel Monverde.

Frameless structural glass windows and casement windows were among some of the glazing products that were used alongside the sliding doors.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Window Systems
TYPE: Leisure & Hospitality
LOCATION: Portugal
ARCHITECT: FCC Arquitectura

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