Internal Glazing Screens


Internal Glazing Screens

Bespoke internal glazing screens for retail showrooms and office spaces.  


olverine is one of IQ Projects most recently completed commercial developments that features a vast selection of internal glazing screens for workspace and showroom separation.

Wolverine Worldwide are an American footwear manufacturing company that produce shoes for and boots for some of the worlds most well-known brands. As part of the company expansion, their London showroom and offices went under an extensive renovation in order to modernize the working environment.

The scope of the project included various glazing systems, the main systems being ultra slim sliding doors and internal structural glazing which helps segment the space. The office contains several “shoe store” mock showrooms which contain various Wolverine products and lines. The showroom spaces feature open corner slim sliding doors with flush thresholds for smooth access. The glazing is double glazed due to it being internal (therefore thermal value isn’t a high priority) and has been completed with minimal glazing bars to match the other glazing systems around the building.

Spread across the office are internal glazing screens which help to close off more private areas such as meeting rooms or desk spaces for employees. The glazing screens have a blurred visual effect for further privacy. This was a choice made both by the company and the architects to maximize the internal glazing’s function and value to the company.

If you have any questions regarding internal glazing screens, contact the team here.

Architects: Whiteroom Agency

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