his mixed-use commercial building underwent a vast refurbishment to include premium office spaces at the top of the building and a number of retail units on the lower floors. A roof extension was created as part of the refurbishment, expanding the useable space and flooding the sixth floor with natural light.

The roof extension features a large glass wall in a faceted design, with straight panes of glass configured at an angle to create the faceted effect. Oversized panes of structural glass were utilised, with structural silicone between panes to create a weathertight seal whilst creating the minimum impact on the overall building design. Within the glass wall, casement doors grant access to a wraparound terrace that overlooks London. The use of structural glass means the views can be enjoyed from inside and outside the building.

Inside the interior design follows a modern industrial style, with metal frames and exposed brick being design features within the space. A fixed glass screen separates a meeting room space, with bespoke glazing bar designs to match the metal-framed furniture. The fixed glass screen was specified as fire rated, to adhere to building regulations. As well as the fixed glass screen, fire-rated glass doors were specified to create a highly glazed effect whilst creating a safe environment in the event of a fire.

Fire rated internal glazing is ideal for commercial spaces such as this one, looking to create a luxury feel with the use of glass. Fire rated steel doors have been finished in dark bronze colour, to contrast the wooden interior elements. The overall design of the high-end offices is elegant as well as functional, in keeping with the art deco style that can be seen throughout the interior design.

Our fire-rated glazing systems offer various levels of fire integrity, depending on the building’s requirements, without compromising on minimal and sleek design.

PRODUCTS: Structural Glazing, Glass Door Systems, Internal Glazing, Fire Rated Glazing
TYPE: Commercial

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