Interxion Marseille


Interxion Marseille


nterxion Marseille is a telecommunications service provider in France, requiring a lot of space to provide their services across the country. The offices, located in Marseille, follow a contemporary design with large elevations of glazing.

The highly glazed façade features oversized glazing in a fixed configuration, with a circular entrance door design also constructed using fixed glass. The expansive use of glass in this large building creates a striking exterior design, as well as enhancing the productivity and general wellness of employees.

For this building, solar control was a large factor in determining the design. in order to find a solution that suited the company whilst creating a comfortable working environment, electrochromic glass was specified.

The use of electrochromic glass allows large elevations of south-facing glass to be installed without worrying about the space overheating or glare being a problem. Blue tones are used throughout the building, in the furniture and carpet colours, therefore the blue tint from the electrochromic glass does not alter the interior design.

When the electrochromic glass is switched on, the glass changes from clear to blue. Thanks to the clever interior design choices, the interior design scheme is only enhanced when the blue tint is present.

The entrance door design does not use electrochromic glass, so the blue tint does not take up the entire glass façade. The door remains clear, presenting a welcoming design when people approach the building.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing
TYPE: Commercial

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