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Projects was asked to design and install the fire-rated glass screens and doors to this private laboratory space.

The fire rated glass was needed to protect exit ways from the commercial building in the event of a fire within the individual laboratory areas. A fire rating of 60/60 was specified meaning that all glazing installed had to withstand the effects of a fire for one hour whilst providing radiant heat insulation for the exit ways for the same period of time.

Fire rated glass is extremely specialised and IQ Projects are well versed in detailing and designing these critical safety installations with a clean and modern appearance.

The Al Fire fire-rated framing was used, using unique aluminium profiles suitable for use in a fire rated situation, to create a modern, clean framing finish. The aluminium fire rated frame surrounds the fixed screens and provides the frame for the opening fire rated doors to each lab space.

The aluminium frames were finished in a light grey, in keeping with the clinical nature of the laboratory design.

Within the aluminium fire rated frame 60/60 fire rated glass was used to complete the fireproof separation between the spaces. Fire rated glass is completely clear at installation, in the event of a fire the intumescent seal within the glass reacts to the extreme heat of the fire, expanding, turning translucent and providing radiant heat insulation to keep exit ways clear of fire and cool enough to use as an escape.

PRODUCTS: Fire Rated Glazing
TYPE: Commercial

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