Livingstone House


Livingstone House


he Livingstone House project, based in Finsbury Square, included an office refurbishment and glass roof extension. The new glass roof box includes minimally framed sliding glass doors within a structural glass façade that are supported by low iron fins and beams.

The use of the slim framed sliding doors improves the natural light intake into the rooftop space as well as providing seamless access to the top floor roof terraces. These ultra slim framed sliding doors were designed in a bi-parting configuration providing the office workers with easy access to the balcony to be able to appreciate the incredible views from outside the office. The minimal nature of the aluminium framing also allows the inhabitants to enjoy these fantastic views from their desks, enjoying the feeling of being outside whilst inside.

The glass façade to the rooftop extension offers amazing panoramic views of both the military grounds and other iconic views of London. Low iron glass fins and beams have been used to support the structural glass roof to create the perfect transparent glass for beautiful sky views.

Flush thresholds across the base of the glass sliding doors have been engineered providing an effective drainage system for the rooftop box.

Glass Rooftop Boxes are a popular way to extend high rise office or mixed-use buildings in London due to the lack of available floor area on which to build. IQ Projects are experts in the logistical management of these complicated projects and can help create a glass structure that adheres to all logistical and building constraints.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Glass RoofsGlass Facades
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Finsbury Square, London

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