Oriel Windows In London

E18, London

Savile Row Bespoke Glazing 

The project in Woodford London has 5 bespoke oriel windows. 


he project in E18, London has had 5 state of the art oriel windows installed to be used as seating and viewing elements.

The new-build residential block of flats are located in South Woodford, an area with an average house price of £700,000. To provide further options for more affordable, quality housing, J.Wrubel Architects worked closely with the IQ team to provide high specification and unique glazing elements to the flats for a touch of luxury.

Oriel windows are a steadily growing trend in the architectural glazing space with many residential and commercial buildings opting for them as a statement glazing system. Oriel windows can be used in a variety of ways. The construction of them allows for human weight loads to be withheld which allows the windows to be used as overhung seating. Oriel windows are also frequently used as large viewing boxes, often completed with plants or other decorative objects.

4 identical windows in a square formation have been installed on the first and second floor of the building, leaving two flats with two windows each. The opening size is approximately 905mm wide and 1527mm high which is a similar size to the remaining, standard windows installed across the building. This was done to ensure that the windows did not overpower and seem too large for the building.

There is also a singular oriel window located on the ground floor of the building which is larger than the previous 4. With such a large window at eye level for anyone walking past the building the security and privacy was a main concern for this window. Internal blinds can be installed for privacy, and security can be guaranteed due to IQ’s extensive testing.

If you have any questions regarding oriel windows, or any other glazing systems, contact the team here.

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