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he Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology was designed by Amanda Levete’s architectural firm AL_A and officially opened to the public in October 2016. The museum features a prominent undulating form that seamlessly links the cantilevered terrace with the promenade below.

Built on Lisbon’s scenic waterfront, the MAAT boasts stunning waterside views from one side, while the sloping hillside above contributes long-reaching views of the Moorish Castle above the city. The dynamic, curved lines of the building are covered in 15,000 interlocking white ceramic tiles, which create a three-dimensional texture across the entire face of the museum.

The museum features 4 main exhibition spaces which are sunk below ground level. The Main Gallery features a gently curved section of ceiling constructed entirely of frameless roof glazing, allowing the natural light to flow uninterrupted into the 1,050sqm exhibition space below. The structural glass roof is supported at regular intervals by glass fins with mirrored faces that reflect the light and emphasise the open feel of the long room.

The museum entrance is accessed via multiple frameless ah!38 glass casement doors nestled under a curved overhang that arches over the entrance threshold. The use of all glass doors is in keeping with the clean, crisp aesthetic of the external design, while also allowing light to flood the entrance space within.


PRODUCTS: Door Systems
TYPE: Leisure & Hospitality
LOCATION: Portugal
PHOTOGRAPHY: ©Francisco Nogueira

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