Mall of America


Mall of America


The Mall of America is a huge retail space, home to a number of entertainment and attraction facilities as well as hundreds of retail stores. The building follows a neutral interior design, creating a blank canvas for the brands to make the spaces their own.

On the upper floors, frameless glass balustrades act as safety barriers whilst allowing shoppers clear views through to the shop fronts. The frameless glass allows natural light to flow through the large building, creating a well-lit environment for shopping and dining.

The building forms a central atrium design, complete with a glass roof. The glass roof uses structural glazing due to its adaptable nature, with little to no restrictions on shape or size allowing the circular shape to be achieved. Directly underneath the circular roof is a small seating area, complete with furniture in a green leather and some plants for a biophilic design.

To ensure the space doesn’t overheat throughout the day, electrochromic glass was specified within the glass roof design. due to the bespoke nature of the structure, any additional blind systems would have ruined the aesthetic of the interior design.

With electrochromic glass, a blue tint is present when the glass is switched on. Due to the location of the structural glass, the blue tint gives the illusion of a clear blue sky. This technical glass solution is perfect for roof glazing in commercial spaces, as it maintains some light transmission whilst eliminating solar glare.

The electrical glass solution can be fully automated, to switch on and off following the opening hours of the shopping mall. Without the need for human interaction, the glazing solution can help to reduce cooling costs as well as acting as a design feature.

The shopping centre is aided by the electrochromic glass, maintaining a comfortable temperature for the occupants without disrupting the minimal interior design.  

PRODUCTS: Technical Glazing
TYPE: Commercial

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