Marine Grade Glazing

Fowey Hall Hotel

Bespoke marine coated glazing 

An extensive rennovation complete with slim sliding doors for a coastal setting. 


owey Hall Hotel was first constructed in 1899 as a luxury home for a wealthy businessman. After years of being used as a home and even a war shelter, Luxury Family Hotels purchased the property with the hopes of transforming it into a 5-star seaside getaway. Due to the extensive use of the property, in early 2020 the main house, courtyard and spa was radically renovated to ensure that the hotel could function and kept its timeless, luxury appeal.

During the remodelling and renovation works the architects (Jeremy Blake Architects) needed to bring a great deal of light into the hotel while also allowing for seamless indoor to outdoor transition.

The team at IQ were later specified to design, install and manufacture bespoke glazing features for the hotel to ensure that the high-quality, luxury image of the hotel was upheld.

IQ provided minimal windows sliding door systems, casement doors and casement windows all finished with a specialist marine grade glazing coating due to the coastal condition. The minimal windows slim sliding doors have been installed throughout the hotel primarily in bi-parting and 4-track configurations for maximum viewing.

The sliding systems allow the hotel guests to have easy access to outdoor relaxation areas. When the systems are fully closed guest can enjoy the seafront views minimal interruption thanks to the 21mm sightlines and flush base/head frames.

Both casement doors and windows have been designed and installed across Fowey Hall Hotel all with the same specialist marine grade glazing coating. To ensure that the building adheres to English building regulations, trickle vents have been added to systems to improve ventilation. The trickle vents allow for added ventilation which is often difficult to integrate into older buildings due to them featuring very little natural ventilation features as during the original construction, ventilation was not prioritized or understood.


Why did Fowey Hall Require Marine Grade Glazing?

Any property within 5 miles of a sea front is classed as being in a marine environment. Buildings in this area are under the same kind of atmospheres and harsh environments as those directly on sea fronts.

In comparison to more conventional materials like steel or wood, aluminium is typically the best framing material to utilise in marine conditions. It is easier to maintain and has a higher natural durability. Modern finishing techniques can be used to prepare aluminium for the more abrasive marine environments.

On a seaside site, all framing must be finished to “Marine Grade.” This means that the framing must have a powder coat that is at least 50 microns thick. PPC is 60 microns thick on all of IQ’s aluminium framing as standard.

Marine grade coatings ensures that the harsh conditions near Fowey Hall will not rust or corrode the aluminium frames of the glazing systems.


Contact the IQ team today if you have any questions regarding marine grade glazing.

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