Marquis of Cornwallis


Marquis of Cornwallis


Projects recently installed glazing for the Marquis of Cornwallis, a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar in Suffolk. These glazing elements included our minimal windows slim framed sliding glass doors, structural glazing and an automated opening hinged door.

Our slim framed glass sliding doors were installed onto the front elevation to provide access to the restaurant and patio area. The slim framing and large glazed panels allow the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the restaurant, keeping it well-lit throughout the day. On warmer days, these slim framed doors can be opened out to provide necessary ventilation for the space.

IQ’s heated glass was integrated into these slim framed sliding doors to provide a comfortable temperature throughout the restaurant when the doors are closed. This reduces any cold draughts that may occur near the glazed elevations.

A number of fixed frameless effect units were installed to create a structurally glazed wall onto the building providing a contemporary design to the building, natural light ingress and incredible views of the surrounding landscape.

IQ Projects also installed a double glazed automated opening hinged door with heated glass at the entrance of the building. This keeps the reception area warm throughout the day and prevents any draughts. A glass manifestation was designed for the hinged door and surrounding structural glazing to enhance the visibility of the glazing to visitors. The clients requested the logo of Marquis was sandblasted into the glazing to create the manifestation.

The hinged entrance door was powder coated with a bronze effect as a requirement from the client. This bronze effect was chosen to provide a more unique and elegant finish to the standard dark grey / black powder coating that is often used.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glass Solutions, Window Systems, Door Systems
TYPE: Leisure & Hospitality

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