Montrose Hotel


Montrose Hotel


Two glass boxes were installed to the countryside Montrose Hotel in Malvern, overlooking the Cotswolds and surrounding Severn Valley. The minimal structural glazed extensions add a modern, light-filled touch to the elegant white building.

The smaller glazed box seamlessly links the main hotel with the outside seating space that can be enjoyed during the warmer months. Slim framed sliding doors were installed to one wall to grant easy access between the indoor and outdoor areas, the flush threshold allowing for step-free access. 

The second, larger glass box functions as a minimal glazed link between the main hotel building and a smaller recreational space housed in an adjacent outhouse. The rear glazed elevation is entirely composed of minimal sliding glass doors with a flush, integrated slot drain, allowing guests and staff to easily move between both the two internal spaces and the outdoor terrace.

Both glass boxes benefit from frameless structural glass roofs, maximising the amount of natural light entering the space below. The roofs were designed at a slight pitch with a small overstep over the glass walls below, to ensure water tightness and preventing rainwater from dripping down the face of the glass. The roof glazing is supported by low iron frameless glass beams for a minimal solution without detracting from the overall design.

Given the extensive surface area of glass used to create both extensions, a solar control coating was applied to the structural glass walls and roofs to prevent the internal spaces from overheating during the warmer months. This technical glass solution reflects solar infrared radiation back out into the atmosphere, without reducing the transparency of the glazing.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Glass Boxes & Extensions, Roof GlazingStructural Glass
TYPE: Hospitality

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