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Multiple glazing projects on Savile Row

Savile Row Bespoke Glazing 

IQ Projects specified for four bespoke glazing installations in Savile Row


avile Row phase one and two are some of IQ Projects’ most recognized works with bespoke glazing featuring throughout. Following the success of phase one and two, IQ has  been commissioned to design, supply and install bespoke glazing for Building 23 (adjacent to number 25).


Savile Row Phase One

One of the top real estate development firms in London hired IQ Projects to construct the entire glazing package for their Savile Row project. Excellence in design and attention to detail were crucial throughout the renovation of the business space, which is located in London’s affluent Mayfair neighbourhood. In close collaboration with Piercy & Co Architecture, IQ Projects developed stunning modern architectural glazing, including glass rooftop extensions that offer wonderful amenity space and amazing views of London.

The architectural glazing projects that IQ undertook throughout the Savile Row expansion were incredibly diverse. The ultra-modern disappearing facades of minimal windows, the traditional steel art deco Mondrian® Windows and Doors, the custom architectural metalwork, and the opulent welded steel room divider screens were some of these specialised glazing components.


Savile Row Phase Two

The rooftop glass box, complete with the minimal window pocket door system, structural glazing, rooflight, and steel windows and doors, was installed during Phase 2 of construction.

The roof box’s indoor-outdoor architecture is improved by the small windows pocket door inserted in the rooftop glass extension. The entire door glides away into a concealed pocket adjacent to the construction yet hidden inside the structure of the building. This results in a completely open aperture with minimal framing. A 21mm sightline is provided by minimal window systems, which are unique to IQ in the UK, and is ideal for capturing the breathtaking views of London.


Savile Row 23

Following the successful project completion at 25 Savile Row, IQ Projects began designing bespoke glazing features as the centrepiece of the reception area for building 23.

The internal glass pods feature bespoke steel glazing channel framework accompanied by both curved and flat glazing. The glazing has been installed to enclose the meeting/communal rooms on both the first and second floor. The reception area has now been fully encased by glazing that crawls upwards towards the structural glass roof.

The theory behind the glass pods and other extensive glazing is to create a modern work environment that feels open, accessible and spacious. These are all characteristics that are hard to come by in London without exceptional planning and design.

Installing large glazing panes present a logistical challenge and require the help of lifting equipment and glazing robots. For this specific installation, both machines and lifting equipment was used. A large spider crane was used to lift the glass upwards around 30ft in the air, this allowed for the installation team to work hands-free with full comfort that the glazing would be held in place.

Savile Row 23 is still under renovation (as of late 2023) and being transformed steadily every day.

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