Old Brewery Mews


Old Brewery Mews


his small office space in London was transformed with the installation of IQ’s slim framed sliding glass doors and slim framed sliding windows. Two large sliding glass doors were installed on to the office to provide access to the rooftop area of the building.

Installing large glass sliding doors allowed the maximum amount of natural light into the building during the day as well as providing a lot of ventilation in the summer when direct sunlight will hit the building and heat up the meeting room.

Slim framed sliding glass windows have been installed around the office space to provide natural light and ventilation. The slim framing of these windows and doors help to maximise natural light as well as provide great rooftop views of London.

frameless glass rooflight was also installed above the meeting room, enhancing the already sunbathed environment. Frameless balustrading was installed throughout the interior of the office on the staircases and to the external terrace.

Installing glass balustrades to the external terrace provides safety as the brick walling of the terrace is quite low. Curved glass has been used to create the glass balustrades surrounding the staircases, increasing the safety of the workers. Curved glass was used in these areas to follow the shape of the flooring as well as adding a contemporary touch to the interior of the brick building.

Curved glass has also been used to create a small roof above the entrance of the London office. Using this glass shape allows any rainwater to fall off of the ends, keeping those underneath the roof dry.

PRODUCTS: Window Systems, Doors Systems, Glass Atria and Entrances
TYPE: Commercial

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