Penn Road Bar


Penn Road Bar


Projects designed and installed this structural glass roof to a high-end bar and restaurant in Beaconsfield. Having this structural glass roof maximises the natural light intake into the restaurant throughout the day without the need for any internal lighting.

The glass roof was supported from end to end by minimal steel T sections which allow the maximum amount of natural light into the windowless space. Looking from above, the glass has a frameless appearance with all steel supports being internal.

Installing roof glazing is perfect for a bar and restaurant as you are able to increase the natural light, reducing the need for internal lighting throughout the day. By having a glazed roof, sunlight can pass through into the space, providing warmth to the building in the winter.

Installing a structural glass roof also provides nice views of the sky from inside the restaurant that the customers can enjoy throughout their meals. This glass roof, in particular, has been installed with a corner, this slanted glass provides more natural light and better views of the surrounding area.

PRODUCTS: Glass Roofs
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: Beaconsfield

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