Polo Pavilion


Polo Pavilion


Projects designed, manufactured and installed glass sliding doors and aluminium windows onto this Polo Sports Club in Windsor.

These large slim framed glass sliding doors were installed onto the sports club to maximise the natural light intake into the building throughout the day as well as to maximise the views of the sport being played. With very slim frames of only 21mm, the club goers are sure to never miss a second of the action.

Installing these doors onto this stylish, contemporary pavilion in Windsor allows those involved with the club to feel as though they are sitting outside in the warmth during the summer but with the shelter, shade and comfort of being indoors. This single storey pavilion located on a polo pitch utilises the minimally framed Keller sliding door system by bringing a contemporary appearance to the building.

IQ Projects also installed an aluminium casement door to the entrance of the pavilion so that the glass sliding doors do not need to be opened all year round, especially in the winter when the room could become very cold if the sliding glass doors were constantly being opened and closed.

An aluminium casement window system has also been installed onto the rear of the building with sandblasted glass. This provides privacy to the kitchen area whilst still allowing natural light to pass through. The aluminium framing on the casement door, aluminium window and sliding glass doors have all been matched to create a seamless, contemporary finish.

PRODUCTS: Window Systems, Doors Systems
TYPE: Leisure & Hospitality

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