Rathbone Place


Rathbone Place


he offices in Rathbone Place were recently refurbished. IQ Glass installed a range of glazing elements including minimal windows sliding glass doors, frameless effect and steel framed fire rated glass, casement doors and auto venting rooflights.

Aluminium casement doors were installed to create the entrance into the building. These doors have been powder coated black to match the cladding on the rest of the building and to provide a contemporary front to the traditional brick building.

Glass balustrades were installed on the stairwells in the reception area of the offices to create a safety barrier. These frameless balustrades allow natural light to pass through and flow down the stairs. Frameless glass balustrades were also installed onto the rooftop terrace of the offices to provide a safety barrier for the workers.

Structural glass was installed to create a floor-to-ceiling glass façade in the office, providing views of the reception area downstairs. Structural glazing was used throughout the offices to create bright spaces throughout the day. Sandblasted squares were integrated into the structural glazing to prevent any injury by making it clear that they are panels of glass.

Structural glass has been installed to create tall windows in the stairwells of the offices. The framing of these windows has been coloured black to match with the rest of the glazing. Using black has also created a contrast with the white walls and staircases, providing a contemporary aesthetic.

minimal windows sliding glass doors have been installed onto the rooftop terrace to provide access between the internal and external areas. The slim 21mm framed sliding glass doors allow natural light to pass through into the offices which are then enhanced by the frameless windows alongside them. These sliding doors provide the perfect amount of ventilation into the office space when the weather is warmer whilst creating a weather barrier in the winter.

An auto venting rooflight was installed to provide even more natural light into the stairwell in the building. This rooflight was designed and installed to have a frameless effect when workers are looking out from inside the building, this reduces any obstruction to light and incredible sky views. Installing a venting rooflight into this area was necessary as all windows installed in the stairwells are fixed and are therefore not letting any fresh air into the building.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Fire Rated Glazing, Technical Glass Solutions, Rooflights
TYPE: Commercial

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