River and Rowing Museum


River and Rowing Museum


Glass was appointed to design, manufacture and install slim frame aluminium casement windows to Henley’s Rowing Museum. The project, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, transformed the museum inside and out with a contemporary design finish. 

Aluminium is the modern window framing material of choice allowing outdated public spaces to have a contemporary feel with just a simple window replacement, no matter how traditional the design of the building is.

A long elevation of slim frame aluminium casement windows was used on the top floor of the museum in Henley-on-Thames, a perfect option for smaller openings where the minimal framing is paramount. The slim frame maximises the amount of glass allowing more light to enter the property. The thin aluminium frame doesn’t interrupt views and the configuration as a top hung it gives easy access to open the windows, especially with office desks below the windows the configuration was a crucial design element.

The glazing wraps around the corner of the building capturing the most amount of natural light possible whilst adding to the modern design and maximising views. These slim aluminium windows are the pinnacle of modern architectural glazing and essential opening elements of a building. The rectangular shape of the windows gives a dynamic exterior design to the Museum.

The aluminium frames on this IQ Project were finished in a dark grey RAL 7016 colour, to match the exterior and traditional building design.

PRODUCTS: Window Systems
TYPE: Public
ARCHITECTS: David Chipperfield

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