The Spa at South Lodge Hotel



The Spa at South Lodge Hotel


outh Lodge Hotel and Spa, a magnificent Victorian Country House, is set within 93 acres of the beautiful countryside of Horsham and was designed to complement the natural contours of the rolling landscape. The 44,000 sq.ft luxury spa consists of a calming indoor pool, outdoor hydrotherapy pool with a swim pond, a thermal suite, treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art gym and spin studio as well as Ridgeview Beauty Bar and Grizzly’s Barbers.

The spa was designed to remove the divide between the indoor and outdoor areas and thus extend the spa out into the grounds. To enhance this connection, the building is clad in green oak cladding and features a grass and sedum roof which helps to blend the building into its natural surroundings.

The outdoor hydrotherapy pool is set within an outdoor terraced sun deck area which can be seen from the heated glass walls of the spa. Luxurious sunset loungers surround the outdoor swim pond to create a sophisticated, relaxing area for guests to enjoy and feel a strong connection to the natural environment.

IQ Heated Glass was designed and installed by IQ to several walls of the luxury spa at South Lodge Hotel. The heated glass was used within large structural glass facades to create an ambient temperature within the indoor spa areas. These large walls of structural glass provide outstanding views of the surrounding woodland and landscaped lawns, which guests can enjoy while swimming in the large indoor swimming pool.

The heated glazing was specified in order to reduce condescension build-up on the internal of the glazing solutions. Condensation occurs when moist, or humid air meets a colder surface. As glass has a low thermal mass it does not hold heat energy meaning the surface of a glass design is almost always slightly cold to touch. Commercial glazing projects must consider ventilation as a key part of the build to remove the natural build-up of condensation as well as ensure that it meets the requirements of building regulations; The requirements for ventilation in building projects are dictated by Building Regulations Approved document F. Keeping glass condensation free in pool environments is a key area of consideration in swimming pool designs. Heated glass is an easy and effective way to do this whilst keeping the glass completely clear and without the need for large air-blowing units. 

The heated glass can be controlled through a thermostat and therefore creates a comfortable temperature throughout the spa. A heated glass wall was installed to the end of the indoor swimming pool which provides an ‘infinity pool’ aesthetic. When guests swim by the heated glass wall, they will feel the warmth radiating from the glass.

IQ worked closely with Felce & Guy Architects to create a beautifully designed glazing installation and smooth-running project. The installation was provided with a great deal of care and attention to ensure the project resulted in a high-quality finish.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glass Solutions, Architectural Glass Facades
TYPE: Leisure & hospitality
LOCATION: Horsham, West Sussex

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