St Mary’s Church


St Mary’s Church


his historical church building, complete with stained glass windows, required some subtle glazed elements to separate different areas of the building. As the building was listed, it was imperative to ensure the original structure and charm was not altered.

For this reason, IQ designed and installed frameless glass with integrated door systems to fill the stone archways. The single-glazed panes were specified in low iron glass, to ensure the installation was clear and vision through the church remained uninterrupted. Using low iron glass meant the natural light could flow through the building in the daytime, shining through the original stained glass windows.

Structural glazing was used to fill the tall archways due to its flexible nature. IQ was able to perfectly manufacture and install the glazing for each arch, knowing with this type of stonework each one could be slightly different. The beauty of structural glazing is the endless possibilities, with little to no restrictions on shape or size.

Single and double casement doors were used throughout the structural glass, for seamless access between areas. using frameless door designs meant the doors were almost very subtle in appearance, in keeping with the fixed structural glazing.

Glass fins were used, to support the structure of the double-height glass installation, specified in low iron glass. Using glass as a support here created a coherent design and kept the focus on the original building.

On the upper floors, heat soaked glass was specified. The heat soak testing process ensures the glass installed is less at risk of spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulphide inclusion. This is particularly important for glass on high floors or in hard to reach locations, where it would be difficult to access for maintenance.

The additions to the church mean they can now use different areas simultaneously for different activities throughout the day. The historical appearance remains completely untouched whilst the original charm of the listed building shines through the glazed elements.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Window Systems, Structural Glass
TYPE: Commerical
LOCATION: Birmingham
ARCHITECT: Acanthus Clews

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