The Odney Club


The Odney Club


Projects provided all the architectural glass elements to an extension project at the Odney Club including a number of Oriel Windows and a complex glass link between the new space and listed building.

The Odney Club is the name of the John Lewis staff retreat at Lullebrooke Manor. The Grade II Listed Manor house was bought by the John Lewis Partnership in 1927 and is now used as a Conference Centre and Social Club by their staff.

A new seating area for the bar and restaurant was added to the building however due to the listed nature of the manor house connecting the new areas and the existing house was a difficult planning issue.

IQ Projects designed and installed a complex glass link structure whereby the glass roof was supported from above using a cantilevered steel arm. This allowed the glass roof to be connected and sealed to the existing listing structure without the historic building taking and structural loads.

At the front of the glass link IQ used a frameless glass door to allow an access and exit point to the new seating area.

Down the side of the new seating area IQ also designed and installed a series of Oriel Window seats using frameless structural glass. The projecting windows create an inviting seating area for diners and bring a massive amount of natural light into the internal space, which doesn’t have any other windows.

PRODUCTS: Glass Atria and Entrances, Door Systems, Window Systems 
TYPE: Leisure & Hospitality
LOCATION: Cookham, Berkshire

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