Tontine Street


Tontine Street


Projects designed and installed a brand new structural glass façade to a commercial property in Folkestone, Kent. The fixed structural glass units along the four-storey face were made up of flat and curved structural glass panels to create a ‘wave’ effect across the front of the building.

On the fourth floor of the building, the façade of frameless glass was extended to the full width of the building along a roof terrace with frameless glass balustrades. IQ Projects installed these to provide safety for the workers in the commercial building when enjoying the roof terrace area. Using frameless glass balustrades also allows natural light to pass through the balustrades and into the building through the structural glass façade, without any obstruction. Some of these balustrades have been made with curved glass to mould with the shape of the building.

The frameless façades installed on the roof terrace have sandblasted dots placed at certain heights to prevent injury and to show people that there are windows in front of them.

Along the structural glass façade, aluminium framed casement doors were installed to provide access to and from the decking to the internal office spaces. At the rear of the space, an aluminium door and aluminium framed glass bring light into the rear stairwell and exit. The framing of these aluminium doors and glass match the framing on the fixed structural glass panels, creating a consistent design throughout the building.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glass SolutionsGlass FacadesDoor Systems
TYPE: Commercial

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