Residential Development

Tower 25 Cyprus

Residential Development

Tower 25 Cyprus

Floor-to-ceiling aluminium glass sliding doors in Cypriot luxury multiresidential hi-rise.  

Tower 25 is an iconic tower located in the center of Nicosia, Cyprus. The building is measured to be over 67 meters high and is located in Eleftheria Square which mimics the city silhouette of Nicosia. The hi-rise building is comprised of 10-story residential apartments, 6- stories of office space and 2-stories of retail shopping areas.  Designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, the striking building is unique in its design and encompasses key themes of sustainable building, though the innovation of creating a vertical landscape which covers 80% of the south elevation. 

The natural living base was designed to reduce the need for sun control due to the plant matter acting as shielding to the apartments and offices on the higher levels of tower 25. This aspect of the design was highly considered through the specification of which vegetation would be used on the building’s faces to aid summer shielding while encouraging winter sunlight.  

The fabric of the building creates a pixelated effect through the parallel west and east facades, this design style is intended to protect residents and users of the building from noise, wind, and the sun. while also creating depth and texture throughout the concrete walls, and creating the opportunity for light to dance through the minimal apertures.  

Slim framed sliding doors were specified for this specialist project, where a need for high-security glazing was needed. The bespoke floor-to-ceiling glazing was intertwined with the interior design of the apartment buildings, by requiring a silver powder coating on the high-performance aluminium framing.  

The slim framed bespoke sliding doors were chosen due to the performance factors complying with the expected performance created by the architect and building regulations. The high-quality aluminium framing profiles sliding doors create a sustainable design while providing energy-efficient living due to the high thermal performance with a 1.1 W/m2K Uw value. While the slim framed sliding doors can create well-lit and ventilated spaces it also creates vast unobstructed views of the surrounding city and joins the interior and exterior effortlessly.  

The specification of slim sliding glass doors has been difficult for large luxury house developments due to the requirements for PAS 24 security testing when applied to slim framed sliding doors. Now that the minimal windows system has achieved PAS 24 certification it becomes the first choice in specification design for architects due to the upgraded certification and general performance of IQ’s floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.  

PRODUCTS: Slim Framed Sliding Door
TYPE: Retail Development
LOCATION: Nicosia central, Cyprus


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