Treacle Factory


Treacle Factory


he Old Treacle Factory in West London underwent a major refurbishment where IQ Projects installed a combination of structural glass solutions and minimal framed sliding glass doors.

Due to this factory being a listed building there were some restrictions that needed to be taken into account. The slim framed glass sliding doors that were installed had a white powder coating to adhere to planning provisos. Two sets of these sliding glass doors were installed on both sides of the building.

The slim sliding glass doors create the ideal opening for ventilation. The slim framing of all structural glass installed on this project has maximised the natural light intake into the top floor of this building. The workers also have incredible views of West London without any framing obstructing the views.

The new structural glass façade, coupled with a new Brise Soleil, created a contemporary workspace for the occupying marketing company. A Brise Soleil was installed to reduce heat gain within the building by deflecting sunlight, this was necessary due to the large glass façades.

Slim framed clerestory windows have also been installed in these offices to provide extra natural light throughout the day. These windows also provide privacy to certain parts of the office without completely eliminating the natural light.

PRODUCTS: Window Systems, Doors Systems
TYPE: Commercial
LOCATION: West London

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