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Twycross Zoo


or the café building of Twycross Zoo, located directly within one of the animal enclosures, it was imperative for the views to be clear and uninterrupted at all times.

In order for the visitors to be able to enjoy the sights of the animals whilst dining, the architects opted for entire walls of frameless glass. The large panes of glass are joined together with neat silicone joins, maintaining a minimal aesthetic and allowing the glass to be the primary feature.

Heated glass has been specified, acting as an invisible heat source for the café. With the heated glass application in this setting, there is more than meets the eye. Not only does heated glass function as a heat source, it also eliminates the risk of condensation build-up on large glass surfaces.

When the café area is busy, such as at lunchtime, the risk of condensation build-up is significantly higher. The heating was not required to serve this purpose at all times, so a humidity sensor was installed. Using modern glass technology, the dew point was calculated and the humidity detectors were programmed to detect when the room hit the level of humidity that required the heated glass to switch on.

Using these technologies and sensors allow the zoo to save money on energy and ensure they aren’t using the heated glass where it is not needed. The staff and visitors never have to worry about the views being clear at all times as the system functions by itself.

This is just one example of the many applications heated glass can be specified within. One of the main uses for heated glass is in swimming pool or spa areas, where condensation build-up is more common.

Twycross Zoo café benefits hugely from the smart glass technology, with uninterrupted views of the animal enclosures making it an unforgettable experience. 

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TYPE: Leisure

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