University of Westminster


University of Westminster


Projects designed and installed contemporary new atria in the University of Westminster in London. The requirement of this project was to create a transparent look while allowing the box to be bright and light filled throughout the day.

The university is complemented with a contemporary frameless glass box flooding the space with natural light. This offers an inviting space for people to enter the bright, light-filled room.

The structural glazing box has created a contemporary aesthetic to this university. The box is used as an entrance to the university providing entrance space. The use of a large elevation of structural glass allows natural light to pass between the reception area and offices, without any framing obstruction to the view of the outside world.

The box featured a large structural glass roof, supported by single point fixings, providing safety whilst maintaining a frameless appearance.

The renovation to the entrance featured frameless glass balustrades. The balustrades were installed along the slope pathway access just outside the university, to form a safety barrier for those using this space.

The whole glazing package was expertly curated and designed by the experts at IQ Projects to ensure the design exactly met the client’s requirements.

PRODUCTS: Glass Box Extension, Technical Glass Solutions, Glass Roofs, Atria and Entrances
TYPE: Education
LOCATION: Westminster, London

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