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Villa Welgelegen


his restaurant, set on a stretch of rural greenery, required slim framed systems to encompass the dining area whilst remaining connected to the outdoor environment.

The interior follows a biophilic design, incorporating living trees and plants into the design in every area. The design follows a minimalistic design to ensure visitors feel connected to the outdoor area, even when dining inside.

Modern steel systems were selected due to their long-wearing nature and elegant, seamless aesthetic. The sharp-edged profiles sit alongside nature, enhancing the natural theme by creating a contrast with dark steel frames.

The slim framed systems from MHB are the slimmest thermally broken steel frames on the market today. With this in mind, the top of the range systems boasts a service life prediction of over 100 years, making them perfect for commercial spaces. The long-wearing nature is further enhanced by the timeless design, with industrial metal never going out of style. These systems are thermally broken, making them suitable for year-round use in a variety of conditions and environments.

Inside, decorative steel has been used in conjunction with the systems to create a continuous flow. Plants are housed in steel pots and shelves hanging from the roof, creating an almost liveable greenhouse space.

Decorative glazing bars have been applied to the impressive height windows, near the top of the installation, to draw the eye away from ground level and make the single storey steelwork appear taller. Applying glazing bars in this technique does not disrupt the high thermal performances and Uw values achieved.

Having steel framed systems on three elevations of the building ensures the space is flooded with natural light, enhancing the natural interior design further. The restaurant uses a mixture of fixed and opening elements, these variations all appear the same when closed for a flawless, symmetrical design.

PRODUCTS: Door Systems, Window Systems
TYPE: Commerical
LOCATION: Netherlands

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