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provided all the glazing elements to this library refit, utilising 3.5m high curved structural glass with curved structural sliding doors internally, to provide new meeting room spaces.

Glass and stainless steel balustrades were fitted to the twin sweeping staircases to the upper levels of this library re-fit, leading to new meeting rooms formed with IQ Projects interior minimal sliding door system.

Wellington College is an independent school based in the village of Crowthorne in Berkshire, traditionally a boarding school but also offers co-educational day schooling. The school currently teaches roughly 1,100 pupils, between the ages of 13 – 18, per school year.

The Wellington college is named after the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, who was one of the leading political and military figures of the 19th century in Britain. The school was founded in 1859, due to its 151 years of history many historic and listed buildings can be found on the school grounds.

The school library is part of the main listed school building which recently saw a refurbishment to slightly modernise the library and to help preserve the heritage building from harsh weather.

Both glass meeting rooms are designed using linear and curved structural glass. Within the curved glass walls, IQ installed frameless glass sliding doors for access to and from the meeting rooms which slide elegantly along minimalistic stainless-steel tracks.

The meeting rooms were designed bespoke for Wellington College, each aspect of the glazing and sliding door design was carefully considered to provide the client with a design that met their exact requirements. Frameless glass was chosen for these new internal rooms as it doesn’t obstruct the natural flow of light already present within the building but adds spaces that are sectioned off for privacy.

Frameless structural glass was also installed externally at Wellington College to provide shelter from the elements along the external walkway. Each piece of frameless glass was measured, manufactured and installed into each exact arch it was designed for.

Each structural glass window was manufactured with low iron glass which offers a beautifully clear aesthetic as it removes the slight green colouration that regular glass has.

Structural glass was the ideal solution to provide shelter and protection to the listed building from the elements. The frameless structural glass provides all the qualities that traditional framed windows would achieve but they go above and beyond by offering no visual obstruction to the historic building.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glass Solutions, Door Systems,
TYPE: Education
LOCATION: Berkshire

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