Wigmore Street


Wigmore Street


Projects were asked to provide a full glass façade to a commercial office building in London utilising some of the largest structural glass panes available. This was part of a refurbishment to the existing entrance and reception area in the office building.

Using the largest structural glass panes available helps to maximise the natural light intake into the building. With a structural glass facade, the views of both the inside of the office building and external views of other parts of London are increased. By this building having a corner where glass façades are used, IQ was able to provide natural light into the building from two sides, making sure all parts of the building are filled with natural light.

The building designs also include a glazed revolving door and two disabled entrances that are fully automated. All glazing installed onto this office building has window manifestations to improve the safety of those in and outside of the building. These manifestations were created with sandblasted lines on the glass at the required heights to prevent any injury.

Frameless glass balustrades were installed with a stainless steel handrail feature in the reception area of this large office building creating a safety barrier between the seating area and wheelchair ramp. These glass balustrades match the large structural glass façade and fully automated disabled access door.

A yellow coloured glass screen was implemented as a partition between the reception area and a stairwell in the commercial office building. The yellow of the glass matches other parts of the glazing within the building. This colour also keeps the office building bright as the glass itself is still transparent enough for natural light to pass through.

PRODUCTS: Technical Glass Solutions, Glass Atria and Entrances
TYPE: Commercial

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