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Frameless Glass Balustrades


rameless glass balustrades are a popular design feature within architectural design due to their minimalistic aesthetic and how they do not interrupt views at eye level. The frameless design creates the illusion that there isn’t a protective barrier in the building, resulting in completed clear views. Frameless balustrades can be used both internally and externally on balconies, level changes, stairwells and Juliet balconies.

The frameless glass balustrades from IQ are manufactured using specially designed ionoplast interlayers for high levels of core strength. In the instance of glass breakage, the ionoplast interlayer holds the glass together and keeps the glass upright. This stops glass from falling into the spaces below if breakage was to occur.

The beauty of this product is the neat aesthetic is possesses due to there being no visible fixings. For a super clear finish, low iron glass can be used to further enhance the clear finish for these balustrades. Handrails and caps can be added to the glass balustrade design if desired for the project in hand.


Sieger® Balustrade System


he Sieger® glass balustrade system has been through stringent testing to meet the strong demands of all types of buildings, from residential developments to public buildings. Each balustrade is manufactured from toughened laminated glass units to achieve high levels of strength within the system. The specific glass specification will be calculated depending on each project as to the location, height and line load requirements for the specific installation.

This balustrade system comes with various base fixing options, also with the option of integrated drainage to assist with water drainage from balconies and raised terraces. The base fixing can either be an over slab fixing, slab edge fixing and offset over slab fixing.

With a maximum height of 1.1m above the fixed floor level, the Sieger® balustrade system is a beautifully minimal solution to achieving a contemporary barrier for changes in floor level, raised outdoor patio areas and balconies.


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