Specialist glazing for the refurbishment of St. Andrews Hall

A prominent landmark square will feature specialist glazing in the renovation of St. Andrews Hall.

St. Andrews hall is formally known as an underused landmark church located in the St. James Quarter of Edinburgh. The new space will act as the focal point creating links to a management office and a mezzanine-style restaurant.  

IQ designed and installed several bespoke glazing solutions for this project, including floor to ceiling slim framed sliding doors around the balcony space to create seamless transitions to the cascading view. Frameless effect glass balustrades were also specified for this multi-level project to ensure all users of the new project would be safe.  

Incorporating slim framed sliding doors improves light intake into any terrace space. These transition solutions create watertight access to the exterior. Bespoke solutions were designed for the transition to the mezzanine area and, due to limited space on the balconies slim framed sliding doors were selected.  


Smaller external balconies or terraces call for door solutions which can open without taking up exterior space; sliding doors are the perfect solution for wide openings and allow a large amount of ventilation when open. Another advantage is that modern sliding systems are at the flush floor level, ensuring that the space is fully accessible and easy to use for wheelchair users.  

A total of 9.4m of frameless effect balustrade was installed on the second and third-level mezzanines, to create a safety barrier, which is essential in any commercial glazing project. Using frameless effect glass balustrades also allows natural light to pass through the balustrades and into the building through the slim framed sliding doors; using toughened laminated structural glass, you can create a structural balustrade that creates no obstruction insight through a space with a minimal contemporary finish throughout a build. 

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news 5413The line load requirements for commercial buildings vary depending on the location. Office and work areas with light pedestrian use have a line load requirement of 0.36 kN/m (applied 1100mm above FFL), 0.5 kN/m2 UDL (applied to the entire glass face, below line load height), 0.25kN concentrated load (applied to any part of the glass panel below line load). 

The slim framed sliding doors and frameless effect glass balustrades were specified with a marine-grade finish. With natural corrosion-resistant properties, aluminium is a great choice for marine environments, where glazing is subject to harsher conditions. High-performance values were equally as important to create sufficient safety in the multi-storey community space and restaurant.  

IQ Projects offer full glazing packages for commercial architectural projects across the UK. From historical restoration projects to new luxury residential developments IQ design and install bespoke high-end architectural glazing products. 

IQ’s office in the north of the UK is dedicated to helping architects and builders by offering some of the most sought-after glazing services across Scotland, the Scottish borders, the Scottish Isles, and the North of the UK.

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