The Spa at South Lodge shortlisted for ‘The Eco Award’ in The Brit List Awards 2022.

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The 44,00 sq. ft. luxury spa has been shortlisted for the Eco Award category of the Brit List Awards.  

specilaist heating glass applications

The Spa at South Lodge has been shortlisted for the Brit Awards for the eco award. Set within 93 acres of scenic west Sussex countryside, the luxury spa has various types of architectural glazing installed to create a space that promotes health and wellbeing.  

The spa at South Lodge uses large elevations of oversized glazing to create an indoor-outdoor spa experience, with glass doors separating the different spa environments for a completely cohesive finish. To ensure the connection between the indoor and outdoor is achieved, the building is clad in green oak cladding which helps to blend the building into its natural surroundings, while also allowing the biophilic design to be incorporated to encompass the mantra of the luxury spa.  


specialist project shortlisted for the eco awards

IQ worked closely with Felce & Guy Architects to create a beautifully designed glazing installation and smooth-running project. IQ Heated Glass was installed to the structural glazing to help create an ambient temperature within the spa. The glazing was installed at the end of the swimming pool, providing stunning views of the countryside surrounding the spa. The heated glass surface helps to reduce condensation on the glass from the pool for a beautifully clear view. 

Find out more by reading the case study here… 

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