Fire Rated Lift Lobby Glazing


Fire Rated Lift Lobby Glazing


he fire rated glazing range from IQ is ideal for use in lift lobbies, lift shafts and landing doors as part of contemporary high-rise commercial buildings. Fire resistant glass doors and screens are widely used to meet fire safety standards for access and escape routes, with elevator lobbies and stairwells being key areas in particular.  

Opting for glazed lift lobby doors and partitions is a great way to create light-filled commercial spaces. Fire rated structural glazing can be used for external entrance doors and facades to allow natural light to enter the space, as well as in the design of the lifts themselves, to create fully glazed elevator shafts and doors.  


Modern Frameless Effect Design


rameless effect fire rated screens and doors can be configured in a number of bespoke designs for a modern glass lift lobby aesthetic. Multiple structural glass panels of up to 3.8m tall can be fixed together with minimal silicone joints to create extensive glass facades, perfect for both external lobby walls and internal lift facades  

The fire rated system can also be used to comply with other bespoke functions, such as glass roofs and walk-on glass floors. Various glass shapes and sizes have been pre-tested, allowing for enormous flexibility in creating fully glazed lift designs, as well as introducing natural light deeper into the building.  


Glazing Specification


everal layers of toughened glazing are used to create the fire-rated glass system, to ensure the integrity of the glazing even under extreme stress. One or more intumescent interlayers are sandwiched in between the layers of structural glass. Normally, these interlayers appear completely transparent, but will interact with the heat from a fire to expand and create an effective barrier against the flames and smoke.  

The glazing for lift lobbies can be designed to meet a range of fire resistance ratings, depending on the requirements of the project in question. This ranges from integrity only to full integrity and insulation protection, spanning 30-120 minutes in duration.   

Get in touch for further information on our range of fire rated glazing. As the market leaders in architectural glazing for highly bespoke residential and commercial projects, the team at IQ are on hand to give expert advice tailored to your project.  

Our range of fire-rated glazing can be specified as part of a package with our architectural window and doors solutions. Find out more here…