Commercial Facade Design

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ith completed glass façade projects all over the UK, we are the unparalleled leaders in bespoke glass façade design. Our vast collections of completed projects have included glass facades that feature curved glass, screen printed glass, shaped glazing, heated and privacy glazing. All our structural glass projects are delivered and installed to tight programs and in some of the most challenging site locations in the world.

To create a bespoke façade we like to start at the beginning and work with you, in a consultative service, to create a bespoke glass façade design in keeping with your design intent, budget and performance requirements.

If you want to talk to us about your own glass façade design simple contact the team who will be happy to help. Our glazing technicians are available for meetings at our head offices at a time to suit your schedule.


Glass Facades


he IQ glazing team has many years of experience in both glass façade design and structural glazing. Our expertise ranges from large bolted glass assemblies to frameless flush glass facades incorporating specialist finishes such as bronze.

Our commercial glazing services include a full consultative design process, the manufacture of the glazing products, and expert installation. Every step in the creation of our structural glass assemblies is backed by a strong ‘in-house’ glazing design team which includes structural engineers, CAD design technicians, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

glass shop front
structural glass façade in a modern office design

Invisio Facade


his façade is designed completely bespoke for each project, which means performance ratings must be calculated on a project-to-project basis.

The Invisio thermally broken framing profile will encompass the glass, with silicone bonding between the glass panes and steel t sections behind the façade for support. This will all be fitted into a steel portal frame.

At IQ, we believe that flexibility is key in design and are always looking for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of architectural glazing.

Suited to a wide range of commercial spaces such as office and shop fronts, this facade can be used in almost any location. There are very few size restrictions for this concept, get in touch with the team today and they will be able to advise the largest size possible for your specific project.


Glass Facade Contractors


hen looking to specify glass facade contractors, it’s important to not only look at the system itself but also at the company. With larger commercial glass facade jobs it’s vital to choose someone experienced with an extensive portfolio to show the varied and complex glass facade installations they have completed.

At IQ, not only can we supply a thermally broken glass facade system that outperforms all the competition, but our skilled glass facade contractors have operated all over the UK and internationally for years. 

untitled design 4
bespoke glass façade installed by structural glass façade contractors


frameless façade system such as Highline provides a similar aesthetic within a more modular system. The glass façade system is designed by Keller and uses the same minimal profiling as their well known minimal sliding door system. Using slim profiles of just 10mm,the minimal windows Highline system is one of the most minimal façade systems on the market. and offers a realistic solution for both high rise residential and commercial projects wanting to implement a minimalist design 

As well all options come in double and triple glazed versions, to optimise thermal performance, the Highline façade system combines outstanding performance in air permeability and acoustics. The slender glass façade system creates opportunities for minimalist architecture and can support larger pane sizes that can span across the horizontal and vertical planes. The Highline solution can be specified with glass panes  up to 18m² each with  a max pane size of 500Kg.

What design do you require from your glass facade? Contact us for specification and design advice.