Bespoke Glazing for Churcher’s College, Goodfield Centre

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Oversized and bespoke glazing solutions for Churcher’s College in Hampshire.  

IQ provided bespoke glazing elements to the new Goodfield Centre at Churcher’s College, a multi-functional space for three subjects to be housed in.  

The Goodfield Centre is divided into three main areas based on the subjects which will be located within the building. These subjects include music, design technology and English.  The site design originated from the surrounding existing buildings within Churcher’s College, following the same brick, roofing and cable design thus keeping continuous styles throughout the educational setting.

Known as a prestigious college it was imperative for the new building to represent the same values of Churcher’s college, architects Lewis & Hickey were appointed to design the Goodfield Centre. The building is grand in appearance, radiating elegance while being cohesive with the existing site, creating symmetrical roof gables to match the original nineteenth-century school building without creating a negative impact on the existing architecture at the college.  

Bespoke, oversized pivot doors were specified for this project to create a highly glazed entrance design for the large music room. The stunning slimline pivot door was north facing and connects to one of the larger music rooms on the ground floor, enhancing the ventilation within the room whilst acting as an entrance and exit route.  

Several studies have shown that natural light is proven to enhance productivity and create optimal learning environments, making slim framed glazing solutions perfect for educational settings. The increase in natural light and therefore productivity and general wellness s good for both students’ and teachers’ overall health, improving academic performance.

Natural light which enters the space from North facing glazing is more commonly diffused and is softer, which can be an advantage within educational spaces, as it reduces the risk of overheating and bright, distracting sunlight. The positioning of the slim framed pivot door was carefully considered, to maximize heat gain in the winter whilst minimizing heat gain in the summer when overheating is a higher risk.  

To discuss bespoke glazing solutions for your next educational building project, contact the team at IQ today.

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