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See how IQ adapt our glazing systems for innovative architectural designs

IQ Projects specialise in commercial projects that push architectural boundaries, with new glazing applications and architectural styles being developed all the time to meet complicated briefs. Many of our glazing systems are manufactured on a completely bespoke basis, making them perfect for complex commercial projects.

Architectural glazing, by nature, has little to no restrictions. This means unique facade designs can utilise structural glass to fill any shape, size or structure of opening without the restrictions that a traditional façade system would present.

The key to meeting briefs of this nature is flexibility and adaptability in glazing design. Our in house team of designers are trained to tailor the glazing package to the brief, showing immaculate attention to detail to achieve perfect results. Take our Invisio structural glazing system, for example, which has now been developed to accommodate triple glazed units in properties that demand higher thermal performances.

Internal Glazing

slim internal bifolds installed to modern london high rise flatsAs well as external glazing systems, our luxury internal glazing systems can also be adapted to meet specific design briefs. One Crown Place, a multi-use development located in the heart of London, required internal glazing systems to meet the amenity space requirements throughout the residential apartments. IQ designed and installed internal bifolding doors to create modern winter gardens in each of the 246 luxury apartments.

The apartments offer high spec living spaces for Londoners who like the luxury lifestyle and the internal bifolding doors met this brief, seamlessly tying together different living areas within the floorplan. The lightweight aluminium systems were powder coated in black for a modern industrial feel, giving a steel look. IQ incorporated additional seals within the bifolds to ensure smooth, quiet operation whether open or closed.


modern london office renovation with structural glass box and steel support beams

Roof Fragility Testing

In large commercial projects, often performance values are a huge factor in the decision making when it comes to glazing. For the luxury offices in our award winning Saville Row project, we conducted internal roof fragility tests to ensure the glazing installations complied with the project specification. It is important in projects of this nature to use glazing specialists who understand the importance of the glass specification.

Without the correct specification, these installations can fail to meet building regulations or project-specific performance values. Our systems are designed to exceed performance values set or by building regulations, to ensure the glass systems are long wearing and add value to the overall architecture.


Listed Building Adaptations

Frameless oriel box windows and structural glazed link to listed manor house renovationWhen we designed a glass roof for the Odney Club, part of the John Lewis staff retreat, the Grade II listed manor house incorporated various glazed element to introduce tonnes of natural light into the conference space. Utilising glass in listed buildings is an excellent choice, due to its clear nature and ability to merge traditional and modern elements without altering the overall look of a building.

This included a glass roof as part of a full glass link, which was required to put no weight on the listed building. In order to create a fully supported glass roof system without the historic building taking any structural loads, IQ incorporated a cantilevered steel arm into the design. This created a cantilevered structure, allowing two buildings to be linked without altering the structure of the original buildings. 


Structural Glass Facade to modern cricket ground renovation

Entrance and Façade Designs

Entrance and façade designs are an integral part of commercial architecture, as they give visitors the first impression of the company or organisation housed within the building. Projects of this nature often strive to achieve completely unique façade designs, to set them apart from the surrounding buildings. The Ageas bowl cricket ground required our sliding door systems to be engineered in a new way when they created an expansive new media centre and camera gallery.

The fully glazed façade included frameless glass sliding doors, with the ability to slide away for a clear camera shot of the sporting grounds below. The sliding systems had to slide non vertically, as the façade is angled in a subtle semicircle shape to gain the best views. IQ engineered bespoke sliding solutions, as well as a frameless façade design, to effortlessly slide at various angles.

Floor-to-ceiling minimal framed double-height sliding glass entrance doors to story of gardening museumAnother example of an entrance design being adapted to meet the project requirements is the Story of Gardening Museum, part of The Newt’s visitor experience in Somerset. The impressive 4-metre tall glass doors mask the concrete structure behind them, presenting a subtle appearance when approached to blend in with the surrounding nature. For this design to blend into the natural environment, IQ used light grey vertical profiles were used for the aluminium frames of the sliding doors.

Entire walls of structural glass fill one elevation of the building, with only neat silicone joints visible between the oversized glass panes. In order to create a coherent design, we sourced and used light grey silicone to use in place of traditional black structural silicone. We ceramic-painted the external strip of the glass, showing attention to detail throughout the installation process to result in a completely coherent exterior design. From a distance, the sliding doors and glass walls merge seamlessly and there is only a subtle difference between the two.


Modern industrial style steel glazed cubes installed to London market renovation

Bespoke Technical Details

As well as the bespoke glass wall detailing in the Story of Gardening Museum, the automation of the sliding doors were engineered on a bespoke basis. This was due to the complex requirements set out by the existing building structure, requiring the sliding mechanisms to be bottom driven.

In the majority of cases, automated sliding systems are top driven, however, this project had a solid concrete head that made it impossible to go with traditional mechanisms. 

When we embarked on the huge project at Spitalfields Market, the project required us to design all steelworks as well as the glazing. The steel framed boxes were designed from scratch, merging traditional with modern to create dynamic stalls for the luxury brands. The black steel frames added a traditional edge to the otherwise modern structures, perfectly suited to one of London’s oldest markets.

New Projects

We are currently working on a wide variety of new and exciting projects, incorporating bespoke elements and adapting our systems in innovative ways. Keep an eye on our social media for regular updates and site progress, such as the façade system we are currently working on in Manchester. The façade utilises structural glass to create a unique angled structure, reflecting the surrounding environment.

If you’re looking for a glazing specialist to assist with the design and installation of your next commercial project, get in touch with the team here.

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