Livingstone House London in Glass Times

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Livingstone House London in Glass Times

Livingstone House London was featured in the December issue of the glass times 2022. The rooftop glass box showcases bespoke architectural glazing from the team at IQ.  

glass times december 2022 iq projects 1 scaledLivingstone house London was featured in the Glass Times showcasing how the premium glazing solutions from IQ helped to transform the five storey office. The office development in Clerkenwell London features a brand-new rooftop glass box which extends the commercial office space of the building. Frameless glazing systems have been designed to create large amounts of light into the working space and IQ worked closely with the architects to achieve an elegant and frameless glass finish to the rooftop space. 

The structural glazing showcased at Livingstone house London was frameless and combined with hidden supports connecting the vertical glass facade to the structural glass roof. T framing sections along with silicone joints ensure that the structural glass roof box achieves all required structural strengths of a rooftop office structure.  

Livingstone house London is showcased as a luxury high end office space and the architectural glazing from IQ only contributes to this design. The Portland stone columns connected with the minimal framed glazing from IQ create a high-end, superior interior for a rooftop office space in London difficult to achieve elsewhere.   It was brilliant to see Livingstone house London praised and showcased within the Glass Times as the pinnacle of office development. To read the full case study of Livingstone house London just click here.  

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