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IQ’s approach to creating commercial outdoor spaces in line with the new restrictions in the UK

Now that the UK has adopted the three-tiered system, there are certain commercial spaces that must adapt their layouts to accommodate this. One of the key spaces that will undergo changes is the hospitality sector, with a rise in demand for outdoor spaces that are suitable for use throughout the colder months.

There are many creative ways to create socially distanced outdoor dining areas, including utilising a Louvre roof system as a shelter or using heated glass partitions to separate tables. In this article, we will explore IQ’s approach to creating safe, aesthetically pleasing commercial spaces.


Outdoor seating for social distancing

Aluminium louvre roof system creating commercial outdoor eating spaceFor hotels, restaurants and pubs wanting to remain busy this winter, it is essential they offer customers sheltered outdoor seating to accommodate people mixing from more than one household over the Christmas period.

One way of offering this is incorporating heated glass partitions into a courtyard design. Heated glass can be used in single, double, or triple glazed units. If used in a single glazed unit, the glass must be laminated and the heating element will be slightly less efficient than with a double glazed unit.

Heated glass can be used as the sole heat source for any space, creating a cosy outdoor area without obstructing any vision or light from passing through. Using glass partitions offers the advantage of having separate, socially distanced spaces that wouldn’t have to be 2 metres apart as there is a solid surface. Another benefit of heated glass is the non-obtrusive appearance. Using this technical glazing solution illuminates the need for external heaters that take up a lot of space.


Louvre roofs for adaptable outdoor dining

Another solution that is perfectly suited to creating functional outdoor dining areas is a Louvre roof system. This flexible solution not only offers shelter from the winter weather, but also acts as a solar shading solution throughout the summer months.

Open air dining space under automatic aluminium louvre roofThe Louvre roof system by IQ offers numerous options, depending on the scale and has been designed to be watertight when completely closed. Louvre roof systems offer the choice of being completely freestanding or having one side fixed to the building structure with just two standing legs. The Louvre roof offers a number of design options, including having sliding or bifolding door systems encompassing the Louvre roof structure.

Single glazed, frameless bifolding doors could be used to protect the area from rain or wind, without obstructing the views with any visible framework. The louvre’s within the roof structure can be adjusted to any angle with the click of a button. This ensures as well as quickly closing the roof if rain starts to fall, sunlight can be allowed to shine through when the weather permits.

vargo restaurant in Chelsea, Hirt Swiss Descending WindowsIntegrated weather sensors can be specified to accompany the system, enabling the roof to become weathertight if rain, heavy wind or snow is detected. Another integration available for the Louvre roof system is a heating system. This can be built into the system in the least obtrusive way, for a minimal finish, whilst heating the area beneath the Louvre.

When considering a Louvre roof system, it is important to remember the planning permission rules. Although there are still restrictions (depending on the location) a Louvre roof will be easier to gain approval for than a traditional brick extension. Sliding door systems can be specified along the sides of the Louvre roof system, to create an enclosed space that still benefits from tones of natural light.

The main advantage of the Louvre roof system from IQ is the adaptability it brings and the suitability for every season. Perfect for both summer and winter, the adjustable Louvre’s offer functionality and clean, minimal design.


Retractable glass roofs

Structural Glass Roof Solar Control CoatingsLastly, one way to make a design statement is by incorporating a retractable glass roof. Although this solution is not technically an outside area, paired with sliding doors it creates a highly ventilated, inside-outside style of space. Retractable glass roofs are unrestricted on size or shape, due to their bespoke nature. IQ use structural glazing to create specialised results that push architectural boundaries.

Restaurants, hotels and pubs now have different requirements that demand innovative glazing products. Get in touch with the team at IQ if you are designing a space that requires an outdoor dining solution.


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