Architectural bronze glass installed at Featherstone.

Architectural bronze frames installed at Featherstone.


The internal glazing focused project is almost complete.

The Featherstone building in the heart of London has been under renovation for over two years now. IQ Projects have worked on Featherstone’s sibling building 80 Charlotte Street, which is what led the architects to contract us for Featherstone.

80 Charlotte Street is packed full of internal glazing which has been designed fully bespoke for the project. Featherstone follows suit with almost identical internal glazing systems to separate spaces while maintaining an open plan working environment. The glazing installed has powder coated architectural bronze frames throughout the project. 

architectural bronze glass

Featherstone features internal glazing separation screens, some being paired with heat soak tested (HST) glass (HST has been integrated with all systems without switchable glass) with bespoke oak handles just over 1 meter long.

The large timber pull handles follow the same design as Charlotte Street to ensure that there is an obvious connection between the two buildings. While the standard design and first look of the systems are similar, Featherstone includes a handful of high specification glazing additions that take the project to the next level.

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As mentioned, the glazing has been heat soak tested (HST) which is a process during manufacturing that strengthens the glass and reinforces the systems for heavy usage. The door systems installed have been specified with high-tech switchable privacy glass. This allows the employees to remain in privacy if they are dealing with clients or looking at sensitive information. Privacy glass does not affect the light transmittance of glazing, which means it is purely used for changing the feel and aesthetic of the space.

The systems have also been powder coated in a bronze finish, which adds a small touch of class and unique flair to the project. Bronze frames are becoming evermore popular, and Featherstone provides a great example of how a subtle change from architect’s grey to architectural bronze glass can enhance a project.

If you are interested in similar internal glazing solutions, or require other various glass systems. Contact the IQ Projects team today. 

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