Bespoke Internal Glazing for One Crown Place

Discover the process behind the bespoke internal glazing systems in these luxury high-rise apartments at One Crown Place.

One Crown Place is home to 246 high-end apartments, described as ‘quietly luxurious’, as well as a boutique hotel with an exclusive members club and premium office spaces. The eclectic addition to London’s skyline uses bespoke internal glazing with modern architectural elements to create light-filled living spaces that are the epitome of modern elegance.

Broken plan layout with internal sliding folding glass doors

Within residential developments, building regulations state there has to be a specific amount of amenity space. This can come in many forms, including outside spaces and private gardens. To adhere to building regulations, the skyscraper incorporated modern wintergardens into each of the apartments. The steel-look aluminium bi-folds can be fully open for an open plan layout or pulled close to separate the wintergardens from the main living space.

Each of the luxury apartments followed a slightly different layout and they varied in size, meaning we had to design the internal bifold doors in many different sizes and configurations. IQ engineered a number of mock-ups and had the internal glazing systems tested in Italy, to ensure the designs were practical as well as luxurious. The design development process included the design team modifying our standard designs to allow the bifolding doors to be installed at specific angles, accommodating specific design requirements of One Crown Place.

bespoke internal glazing Slim framed aluminium bifolds with glazing bar design

Once the design was finalised, our project management team coordinated with the builders and other construction companies involved in the project, including the flooring company. Using the latest surveying techniques, we set out where the glazing would be installed before any internal walls were built. The internal glazing was then installed to the agreed positions in advance of other construction on site.

The internal sliding folding doors from IQ were fixed at the head frame and had a minimal base track to ensure they remained in place at all times. IQ developed a bespoke engineered framework to conceal the head frame in the ceiling finishes for the most minimal design, in keeping with the architecturally designed building.

Due to the varying sizes of the apartments and the glazing systems, we faced a logistical challenge when it came to getting the glazing into the apartments, as it was imperative for the right systems to go to the right places. This was overcome by ensuring the highest levels of organisation were maintained across the logistics team, utilising labeling and organisational systems to make sure the right boxes were lifted into the right apartments on the correct floors.

Broken plan layout with internal sliding folding glass doors at one crown place

Elsewhere in the high-end building, IQ designed and installed a freestanding glass lift structure to house the service lift. The stunning scenic lift enclosure was an impressive 4.5 metres tall, with bespoke design and engineering to ensure the full glass structure could safely house the industrial lift without compromising on minimal design. Once complete, the lift enclosure worked to conceal the industrial lift system and ensure the high-end interior design was maintained across all areas within the skyscraper.

You can read the case study to discover more about the glazing systems used at One Crown Place, or get in touch if you have a project of this nature that you’d like to discuss with us.

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