Dedicated Wellness Spaces in Office Design

glass box link with seating for dedicated wellness spaceHow offices and employees can benefit from these highly glazed spaces.

It has become increasingly popular for office buildings to include dedicated wellness spaces within their design, boosting employees productivity and general wellness. Particularly now, with employee health and wellness being of paramount importance, it is imperative to include recreational spaces as well as professional.

Throughout recent years, dedicated zones have been incorporated in the workplace for a number of reasons. As well as enhanced wellness, productivity is statistically proven to be higher when employees are exposed to natural light and have the right work-life balance. Meditation rooms are a popular choice for offices looking to bring some balance into employees lives.

We know that natural light is good for health, helping the body to be more in tune with the natural circadian rhythm, but buildings also benefit from the use of large elevations of glazing by saving on energy usage. Natural light helps humans to produce vitamin D, in turn keeping our bodies healthy and boosts the immune system, which is particularly important at the current time.

Office design has changed immensely throughout the pandemic, with social distancing at desks becoming a requirement and highly ventilated spaces a must. With most office workers having had to work from home for a large proportion of 2020, there has been a discussion surrounding returning to work. Employees feel that they have more time to relax and unwind, without their daily commute or previous office environment.

Zoning has been a huge trend in both interior and exterior design, particularly in commercial spaces, allowing buildings to create dedicated zones for different purposes. For each room to have a purpose, the interior design must differ. Using internal glazing is a great way to create zones, without obstructing any of the natural light.

Glass box extensions are perfect for creating dedicated wellness spaces, as they provide areas flooded with natural light that can be built upwards, instead of taking any office space away on the lower floors. Glass box extensions allow a biophilic architectural trend to be followed, granting uninterrupted views of the surrounding area whilst providing a bright, airy space.

saville row glass box extension as a dedicated wellness space in an office

Our award winning Saville Row project utilised structural glazing and slim framed sliding doors, to create a glass box with rooftop terrace access. The oversized glass panes allowed the employees to enjoy panoramic views of the city, whilst providing some escapism from the hustle and bustle of the street. The rooftop space can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the thermally broken steel systems, with the option to merge indoor and outdoor spaces during the warmer months.

The design of a glass box extension from IQ is considered on an individual basis, for completely bespoke results every time. When commercial buildings explore the possibility of a dedicated wellness space, frameless or slim framed systems will usually be tailored to meet any individual project needs. Incorporating slim framed systems within the design of a glass box introduces ventilation, with the ability to merge indoor and outdoor spaces when the weather permits.

Our Invisio structural glazing system is designed to offer unparalleled performance values and flexibility in design. With a wide range of application options, the specialised system is characterised by its minimal design, with neat silicone joins allowing the large panes of glass to be the primary design feature.

At the heart of biophilic design is nature, hence why highly glazed areas are preferable for the amount of light and vision they provide. To achieve healthier, happier employee morale, glazed extensions can be designed with wellness in mind. Whether you are striving to create a yoga studio or simply a quiet, airy space; our luxury glazing systems are designed with adaptability in mind.



seating area in an offcie near glass for natural lightWhat Next?

If you are looking at an office refurbishment or workplace design, contact the team at IQ about your glazing design. We are ready to assist with specification, costs and design detailing from an early stage. Visit our contact us page to see all the ways you can get in touch.


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